Introduzione al sito Com.Int.El. S.r.l.

Comintel was established in 1982 as the sales division of C.S.T. s.r.l, a local thriving company manufacturing PCB, now not operative any longer.

Thanks to C.S.T business have been developed many contacts with Italian and European PCB end users, and stipulated several agreements with captive PCB manufacturers such as Alcatel, Siemens, Italtel, Marconi, and supplies to third parties.

The experience and know-how in this business segment for more than twenty years of some members of the company's capital has lead to the specialisation into the designing and achievement of key in hand facilities for the PCB production. At the beginning of the 80¬ęs Comntel has taken part to a public project for the establishment of a PCB facility in Venezuela.

In 1985 it has been introduced the UPS Division, in charge of the distribution of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in Europe on behalf of a leader north American company. In the same years was founded the Division of Displaying Systems on behalf of a thriving company in Italy, in order to offer to the main UPS accounts such as bank institutes, a wider range of products. Later on the promotion of displaying systems has been proposed to public bodies, museums, libraries, universities meeting the consumers approval. Eventually in 1994 Comintel has introduced the Laminate Division with the aim to offer to European PCB manufactures a high quality Asian FR-4 laminate as alternative to the local ones. Comintel has started as the European agency then in 2005 its Asian partner has entered in its capital. This fruitful co-operation has allowed Comintel to establish a modern facility with warehouse and cutting department for laminate and prepreg.

Comintel is now a future oriented company, and can count on the stable and strong support of its partners, keeps on investing in order to gain other market shares in the segments in which it is involved successfully.